4.35mm Flat Fixed Lens for Gopro, micro cameras and modified UAV fixed and Hybrid cameras.
These work great with the DJI X3, Phantom3 and Phantom4 stock lens shaft. Just remove the stock lens.
When you order lenses from us, they will have the correct rubber o-rings for mating our lenses to your camera. Plastic lens suction swapping tool included on UAV lenses.


Lens: 4.35mm Flat 72°

Resolution: 10MP / 4K

Sensor: 1/2.3"

Distortion: 0%

Aperture: f/2.8

FOV: 56°*72°*86°






  • GoPro Hero3
  • GoPro Hero3+
  • GoPro Hero4
  • GitUp Git2
  • GitUp G3 Duo
  • DJI Phantom3 Pro
  • DJI Phantom4
  • DJI Zenmuse X3

4.35mm RGB 10MP Flat Lens for GoPro/UAV

Select a camera your lens will be used on


    Here is the 4.35mm Flat Rectilinear 10mp HD lens for a more flat image versus the distorted wide angle lens. It's a little wider than the 5.4 flat lense. Mostly used for aerial mapping which require a flat lens for stitching images together.


    The flat lenses are great for mapping because they don't distort like the wide angle lenses. The lens includes rubber o-rings for a snug fit depending on which camera you order with your lens. This is a lens only sale and you must purchase a camera if you want a modified camera with the lens. These are for those who wish to mod their own cameras or buy extra lenses for their modified cameras.

    If you are using these flat lenses on a drone or airplane,  shoot in higher fps or use an ND Filter to slow the Camera's shutter speed and reduce image jello effects.

    Special External Lens Filters:

    • Neutral Density (ND) Filter: Reduces Camera Shutter Speed Which Reduces Image Jello in Low Frame rates
    • Circular Polarizer (CFL) Filter: Reduces Lens Flare, Also Stops Down Light Similar to ND2

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